Strategy Implementation in Healthcare Facility Operations

We help healthcare facilities’ organizations prioritize, plan, execute, and activate their portfolio of capital & maintenance projects to obtain reliable, predictable, and repeatable results.

In today’s marketplace, facilities groups are not only supporting healthcare organizations, but they are a critical member of the healthcare strategic delivery team. Facilities groups must be flexible, aligned to business and operational strategies, and have the capacity to plan and execute capital and maintenance projects in a reliable, predictable, and efficient manner.

Do you have a long list of capital and maintenance projects to do but not enough budget? Which projects are more important, and what is the measure of importance? How can you react quickly to budget increases or cuts? How aligned is your portfolio with respect to your business and operational strategies? How can you objectively measure this level of alignment?

We help implement strategic alignment tools to prioritize your capital spending and increase your responsiveness to budgetary changes.

What is your project approval process? What level of detail is available before funding is allocated? How do you manage contingency and changes? Are projects run in an ad-hoc manner based on each PM’s experience? Do projects have an assigned Project Manager (PM)? At what stage in the project lifecycle is the PM assigned? How is the project transitioned from planning to execution through closeout and activation? Are roles and responsibilities well defined throughout the phases of project delivery? Do you have standardized processes and work instructions for all phases of project delivery?

We help standardize your project delivery process resulting in reliable, predictable and repeatable project delivery results.

Do you have an extensive backlog of deferred maintenance work? Have you

quantified the risk of service interruptability? Do you consider factors such as facility conditions index, system interruptability risks and impacts, building importance, deficiency category, urgency, etc., when you prioritize your maintenance work?

We help clients integrate all this information into an objective decision making tool. We also develop and implement a process to plan, monitor and update comprehensive maintenance programs.

Do you have accurate and reliable information for decision making? How do you communicate and report on the portfolio to external and internal stakeholders? Do you have an entity that supports the management and implementation of your portfolio? How do you continuously improve your processes?

We work with clients to design, implement, and run a fully functional PMO.

Are we executing the planned project deliverables and milestones on time and within budget? Do project managers have the necessary schedule and cost support to adequately track project progress? How do you manage your project costs? Are lessons learned documented and used for future projects?

We work directly with project managers to create schedules, measure progress, track costs, understand performance, and communicate to key stakeholders.

Do your systems support and enable your processes? Are there too many redundant systems? Are your systems integrated to reduce double entry and increase accuracy?

We help clients understand their current systems, diagnose system interrelationships, and identify improvements that can be made through training or customization.

Are you coordinating activation activities with operational departments, HR, supply chain, infection control, etc.? Are you scheduling mock operations to identify issues prior to activation dates? Are you maintaining a comprehensive activation issues list and resolving issues in a timely manner?

We help clients develop a standard activation process including checks and balances to ensure consistency and quality.