​Customize an interactive, practical problem-solving methodology for instilling a daily problem-solving culture.  We train clients in standard work in documenting the problem-solving method with an A3.  Our professionals build an environment of learning from one another as much as from us.  End with the impression that problem solving is not that difficult and can be quickly applied to day-to day problems.

The approach covers the following aspects:

  • What is the problem?
  • Breaking the problem down to 3 basic types: P0, P1, and P2
  • Sizing the problem into 3 sizes: Boulder, Rock, and Pebble
  • Structured Problem Solving (SPS) Methods for each type and size
  • Includes tools such as 5W1H, Process Mapping, Fishbone Diagrams, Causal Maps, A3, Go and See, Containment, 5 Why, Rapid Experimentation, PDCA, Brainstorming, and Hansei